Friday, 30 November 2012


since i always talked about him lately XD haha , todayy i will introduces to you guys my 'GANG KARAS' :P we;ve been friends for so many years already . some of us knows each others since kindergarden , some of us knows each other since primary one :) woaaaaaaaaaa :OO long enough huh ? we;re still best friends until now ♥ i love them so much :3 may god bless our friendship . we had many unreplaceable memories :3 so , im going to introduced them one by one . 

Lets start with the oldest :) see the girl with her school uniform in first picture? thats the oldest among all of us she's born at 7th of june. well , she's smart , annoying of course , chubby and never had a boyfriend before . 16 years man -.- i dont know how's she can stand that long . i still remember when we're in primary six where there's a guy who confess to her and asked her to be his girlfriend . HAHAHA :D she ran away , could you believe that ? as soon as the guy asked her , she starts  to run away from him , i mean actually run along the whole building of our school and the guy starts to chased her as well . LOL . like people always said ' berlari bekejaran ' haha. she's crying at that time . but we're laughing like crazy XD she ran because she was scared , she just dont know how to reject . hahaha :p this girl ah , haiyaaa. hahah :p thats her , JUEVIANNIE JULIM EMMANUEL ♥

Next is , oh the twins :) they both birthdays at the same date which is 13th of June, who's wearing black t-shirt and st john pj shirt at first picture . lets start with the black t-shirt girl :p Given name , SHARLENE JUNE MU FUI ZUN  ♥ people called her JUNE :) she's sino kadazan same like me . heee :3 she's smart , cute and what i love the most about her is her laughter XD you know the moment where someone was telling you a funny stories but you only think that their laughter is more funny than the story? that's how i felt when she try to tell me some funny stories. HAHA :DDD when we're in form 2 i think , we '' BODEK'' some students and we get rm5 if i was not mistaken , we're so happy that time :DD LOL . i think we're mean eh . what did you think? hahahaha . she always find me at my class just to tell me to accompany her to toilet -..- can you imagined that . sanggup ah , ish ish ish . adada setja . hahahah XD

continue with her twins , cute little girl with elf size :3 opps . hahah , but she's really cute and the smartest among us :) she have a really loyal boyfriend . they been together for 2 years etc i think . wuuuu , cute couples ever :) hhahah . jangan kau fikir badan dia kecil dia tia kuat , ada taekwondo ini :P haha . she's loud too . same like her twins , i just love their laughter :DDD funnayyy enough to shine your bad day :P i still remember when i was in form one . we're decorating '' sudut mata pelajaran '', something happen that made us laugh so hard . and all of sudden her laughter was go off the tune , it was really really funny . we just cant stop laughing XDDD ROLF . people called her NANA for short . her full name is NUR SHADRINA BINTI MOHD SHAHREL ♥

Im in the middle 16th of november . :) should i introduces myself ? hahaha . so , here am I . the girl with pink colour t-shirt who didnt tied up her hair at the first picture . yep , thats me :) well , i used to have a same class with them but because of my results i move to the second class . so sad huh :'( ? i regretted . i didnt study well . haih . but its okay , we're still close like we used to . and im glad that i have them :3 well , i dont what to say about me . hahaha , i just love to had fun with them , especially with MARGGY XD the girl beside me at the picture . we have a lot of memories . nothing else i can say about me , what you need to know is i love them so much :333 people called me colour or calor for short . my name given is CALORLINE CLARICE ONG ♥

see the girl with white shirt in the middle at the first picture ? her name is NUR ATISHA FARAHIN BINTI MARZUKI ♥ people called her TISHA but i called her SHA :3 haha . she's handsome she said , and she's the tallest one. tinggi sikit jha la dari saya :p hahah . i spent a lot of times with her :) and most of the time that we do is EAT EAT AND EAT MORE AND MORE . i will be bancrupt if i was with her . but its worth . we just love to eat :3 nyumnyum . hahha . she can be really fierce this . she loves to yell . but she cute bacause she's chubby :P we love to stayed at her house , eating maggi , biscuit . oh , i miss those moments . oh and dont forget , she's my husband in our gang . hahaha :DD sotttt.

last but not least , nyuiiiii who had her birthday in the end of december , 31/12 :DDD poor her . she officially 16 on 31 december and officially 17 on the next day . incredible huh? hahaha . well , she's smart too . each of them are very smart :3 this girl have the funniest and loudest laughter too . i dont know how she can do it , but her voices are really really loud . she loves to hug and kiss people , girls only la . heee . i still remember when we're in form two where we had our moral examination -.- she asked me some anwers . so i gave her :) but the weird thing is , her paper marks is higher than me -.- hahaha . i want to asked teacher why but then  our secret will be known . hahaha :p maybe its because the teacher dislike me . im too naughty bhaaa , i regrettttt . huhuhuhu :/ well , this girl name MARGGY JAMAL . people called her mar for short . 



bacon pancakes , bacon bacon pancakes :P YO YO YO DJ JAKE IN DA HOUSE YO :P

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Doodle art of mine <3

Well, this is What have I drawn since I was boring during classes. It was fun, I tot art was boring because I'm not good at drawing. But I've tried to drawn some cartoon. And it become like this which is okay okay la,  Haha. Sorry ,low quality camera of mine :) Hee